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Submitted:Feb 14th, 2020 1:37:28 AM

Slither io is an awesome io game about eating orbs and growing. Below is our list of tips to become the biggest snake!
1. Select your controls
If you play this game on a computer, you can choose to use your mouse or keyboard controls. If you are playing it on a tablet or mobile phone, you will need to use touch.
2. Watch the map.
Pay attention to the map. It will tell you where all great dots can be found. Collecting these dots will help you grow the size of your snake much bigger than normal ones.
3. Stay away from bigger snakes
Try to run away from bigger snakes as they will make use of the long body and trap you.
4. Wrap around other snakes
When you become bigger, you can wrap round other snakes to defeat them.
5. Use boost wisely
Use boost wisely to eliminate other players.
Download and have fun with slitherio free game.