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Submitted:Jan 9th, 2020 8:57:26 AM

Tip regarding this game:

All of these are fake. There is no evidence for any of these tournaments on YouTube, Twitch, etc. You can check the challonge links for each one and see how small the following is for how large the prize pools are. You can also see how every tournament is added in bulk way after they were played. Some tournaments cite a discord, however they are from 2014 before discord was even open to the public.
The tournaments that were held after discord's release have the exact same description, leading me to believe it was just a template for a batch fake submission. I reached out to the "sponsor" of some of them (CrossCode), and they claimed that nothing in recent times was actually sponsored by them. The highest earner for the game (Zechten) has admitted that some other tournaments he has earnings from are faked/not him (anything that isn't Brawlhalla). His tournaments labelled "Eliope's Brawl Night' for Brawlhalla are also fake, as they are submitted by the same user who made some of the fake AOTTG tournaments.


Fake contributor with brawlhalla ties #1:
Fake contributor with brawlhalla ties #2:
Fake contributor with brawlhalla ties #3:
Zechten admitting tournaments are faked: (you can look around more on his twitter for more stuff too)

However the person who faked these random tournaments is an alternate account of Zechten's that was disqualified from a brawlhalla tournament for smurfing: