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Submitted:Jan 5th, 2020 6:35:45 AM

If the question is “how-to”, then I know that it is not customary to extinguish a cigar, they simply put it in an ashtray, where it decays. And the contents of the tube is considered a good tone to shake out with just one blow. Poking around in it with all kinds of spoons, brushes or somehow cleaning it at all is a bad form. Self-rolls are self-rolls. They can be prepared at home, or you can get 2 bags, a typewriter and a box of paper right in the bar. Snuff and chewing tobacco - I do not know. I did not use it, so I was not interested. Anyway, I quit :)

If the question is about the rules of behaviour:

Purely among smokers - do not shoot the last one (exception - the fired person says "yes, take it, I still have a pack"). To smoke one cigarette for more than one person - it somehow looks like public sex.

And if between smokers at the moment and others - do not smoke in a crowd of people (at a stop, near the entrance to the store, etc.). In other words, do not stink with others all sorts of rubbish. You can always move on. But everywhere there is a redneck. Among smokers too. If a man doesn't have enough money he goes to buy cheap cigarettes in the nearest shop.

By the way, among vapers the same unspoken rules of etiquette. Although it doesn’t stink with us, it’s silly to deny it smells good - we try to move away from crowds. And do not steam in any shops/cafes and other places where you can’t smoke, and "this is not smoke, this is steam" - it is not prohibited. And yes, here, too, is not without cattle. Sometimes you have to make a comment. (What really surprises - they are indignant exactly until they find out that the same vaper makes a remark to them. Then immediately “a damn guy, sorry ...”) The phrase “this is not smoke, this is steam, by law it’s not forbidden, where I want to “no more than a joke. It, in principle, corresponds to legal reality, but etiquette is etiquette.