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Submitted:Jan 4th, 2020 8:54:54 AM

Hey bud ! It's me AGANE ! Today the Centaury FullSpeed Tournament has been played ! A small fullspeed tournament with fullspeed maps around 35-45 seconds built by dr.hugs and brad-armpitt (2 knows fullspeed mappers). After a training session around 2 weeks, today was the day ! We were only 16, so we played a fun round then semi-finals and with the best 4 people we played the Grand Final in a 120 points and cup mode situation. Kakkou (french) (me hehe hello :) ) finished first, Snixtho (norwegian) finished 2nd and Quantik 3rd (ukrainian) the 4th guy of the GF was eLconn21 but cheats during 4 rounds and this results in a ban toward him from the competition. The competition had a cashprize of 60€ with a repartition of 30/20/10.
this is the results post of the competition to confirm that the competition does exists xd
There are the VOD's of the competition :

I hope snixtho, quantik and myself will be added to the site, which is really good :)