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Type:Data - Missing Information
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Submitted:Nov 26th, 2019 3:36:49 PM

Inquiring about missing information for 2 players "Abbs" and "Coomber"


Name: John Coomber, 21 years old, DOB: 10/11/98, UK ( (This is me, I can provide further proof)


Name: Aabid Chaudry, 21 years old. DOB unknown, UK (


Missing information - Winning Dublin Games Festival LAN on 24/11/18, total prize pool of 1500 Euros split between 6 players, proof:
Org Twitter announcement:
Team Photo:


Correction to existing information:
Insomnia 65 LAN winnings misrepresented as 262 Dollars but prize pool was 1500 GBP split between 6 players