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Submitted:Aug 12th, 2019 5:58:49 AM

Hello, I'd like to report that the swedish HoN/Dota2 player Michael mICKE Nguyen has a duplicated page on here and it should be merged into one.
This page contains his Heroes of Newerth tournaments:
And this page contains his Dota 2 tournaments:

Some additional proof:
Liquipedia page, noting he switched from HoN and m'icke is his alternate ID:
Official HoN channel's Sync Esports promo video for 2015's HonTour finals: at 4:01
-> compare his looks to the first minute of current Alliance's video about him:
His most famous HoN team (you can see Xibbe and Insania, players that he is playing Dota 2 with currently):[0]=68.ARDrbBiPYP0iNDTMxq5J5-OpfoSiUeaPfPGj6JzDXM7INjlZxerC1UfrF-zKCT2CvzP7ZgR-o0OwwyhHtp4zV0bPkPN5PIbGz1ucRgo_UFqcFYhtpFNNkCTNjwdOQVb-A1KU8ZlR09sZhK-lE9aDlCW0yoa1QRHPrj4hyR-7HRfJKw5_pUDhBxcoB5VfNR4JWKnlFUgZOpc5wRba6fMrYH0slVyzXQjbCyGvroLd-IVslP8m-UVmC3WQxE1qksqgF8sllqIxPwBXgND90VU7_hRl2Hof1fXensi8FfLNa6o_jArCwrlho2H5ShEDbLOCzYWPxUHc7uizTGNc65BgjfPM&__tn__=-R

Also, one thing worth noting is that it seems that for the last years, his last name is now "Vu" instead of "Nguyen". I did not manage to find out personal info about whether he renamed himself or something, but maybe it should be updated on his page as well?

Response To Tip
merged, ty for pointing out