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Submitted:Aug 5th, 2019 9:25:08 PM

You play the impossible game and challenge yourself to get out of bed as fast as possible. The opportunities to play are endless, and it starts the moment you notice an inner resistance to useful action.
By playing the Impossible Game, you exercise your acceptance muscles and you create healthy variation. You practice your skill to make room for difficult thoughts and feelings, while learning to take action anyway.
You task is to guide a cube over spikes and pits. A Practice Mode where flags can be placed, is available. Each time a level is beaten, a medal is unlocked.
The Rules of the Game
You can decide to give in to your resistance, and remain in your comfort zone. Or, you can choose to challenge yourself and do the seemingly impossible.
The Impossible Game is a daily challenge and a frequent reminder that you can go beyond your self-set boundaries whenever you make the choice.

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