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Type:Data - Missing Information
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Submitted:Aug 3rd, 2019 4:53:28 AM

Few Quake Tournaments missing, here is the proof and multiple sources and earnings typed out for them. I have seen the previous Battlefy events updated here but it looks like they haven't been updated in a bit so I thought I would help out.


1st-$140 USD-nosfa, dramiS
2nd-$110 USD-Br1ck, cha1n
3rd-$70 USD-Napalm3D, jbacc
4th-$20 USD-klyb, alostraz


1st-$140 USD-psygib, deathr0w
2nd-$110 USD-nosfa, dramiS
3rd-$70 USD-malvoe, jbacc
4th-$20 USD-CorePuncher, Godvatha


1st-$130 USD-psygib, Br1ck, cha1n, d3th
2nd-$80 USD-Spucrl, Killing, dramiS, ultralex
3rd-$40 USD-jbacc, pthy, CorePuncher, duke


1st-$130 USD-psygib, Br1ck, dooi, cha1n
2nd-$80 USD-Vig1lante, dramiS, jbacc, pthy
3rd-$40 USD-NOMLdrew, billrussell, NOMLdave, powerstyler

Thank you!