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4th placed team roster consisted of:
Robert "Robzje" Heaton - United Kingdom
Patrick 'puNi' Stemmler - German
Robin "Ruben" Sohlberg - Swedish


Zeropoint became Infused.lime, I'm Ben "bAc" Coppard and captained the team with turtz. You can see by the replay names that it is us in this team. We took on robbie and patrick for the lan finals and robbie knew Ruben from his time in HeXagon, so we picked him up. Unfortunately this team was only announced on Zeropoints and The Imperials websites which are long since dead, so the evidence is missing. However, i do have a picture of us at the very end of this youtube video with the cheque!

Hopefully that suffices!

Many thanks,

Ben "bAc" Coppard

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