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Type:Data - Corrections To Existing Information
Status:Under Investigation Under Investigation
Submitted:Jul 28th, 2019 11:26:54 PM

Hello, I am JT, I see that this is my player profile on this website (

I would like to update the existing information there.

My name is Charles Tremols, I was born in 10/05/1993. My username in-game is SoaR JT. Ruse was not an organization, just a twitter team. You can see proof of me joining @SoaRGaming here ( and here (

There are missing tournament info that needs to be added.

Place: 81st
Event: World Cup Qualifiers Week 1

Place: 34th
Event: World Cup Qualifiers Week 6

Place: 1st
Event: Intel Game Night Tournament

Total Prize Money Earned: $8956
(I will submit more tournament placements once I gather all the proof for them)