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Type:Data - Corrections To Existing Information
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Submitted:Jan 27th, 2019 5:22:59 PM

The mixer matchups NA championship has Mistadong listed as one of the winners, but he is the only member from the team that won the Northeast regional qualifiers that is listed on here.

The other three members of the team that won are Arckite, Anordy and TehRamboPanda.

Although there are no articles posted on us winning the regional qualifiers, I do have the screenshot of our team winning regionals with 7 points (Chick-fil-asians). This is Mistadong's tweet on us winning.

Page where error is located:

Official tournament page:
Mixer Matchups northeast qualifiers page:

The correction that should be made is Mistadong, Arckite, Anordy and TehRamboPanda should all be listed as winning 1,000$, instead of Mistadong winning 4,000$ on the page.