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The Shadowverse World Grand Prix 2018 took place on December 15-16 in Tokyo, Japan.
It had a 1st-place prize of USD 1,000,000, making its winner the highest earning player in card game history.

Player feg from team Yoshimoto Libalent came victorious over player Potwasher from team Tempo Storm. They respectively won USD 1,000,000 and USD 200,000.

Official news on the winner:
VOD of the tournament:

Prizing breakdown:
Total: USD 1,310,000
1st place: USD 1,000,000
2nd place: USD 200,000
3rd place: USD 50,000
4th place: USD 20,000
5th-8th places: USD 5,000
9th-12th places: USD 2,000
13th-24th places: USD 1,000


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