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Type:Data - Corrections To Existing Information
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Submitted:Jan 15th, 2019 6:32:33 AM

Dear EsportsEarnings,

Loving your site and I been using it multiple times throughout the years.
This said I have found mistakes that I believe you would be more than happy to know about

On the site, two games have an inflated amount of money in the prize pool.

On HearthStone you site the entire amount from the ARMA cups as a HearthStone prize pool even though its an allocation of several tournaments with different genres. This inflates the Prize Pool with somewhat $606k.

The HearthStone tournaments that you use as a source is however correctly displayed as $35k.
This suggests that its an error with how you combine the numbers on that specific tournament alone. I have not seen this problem with similar tournaments with multiple genres.

The other section is StarCraft2.

The same situation occurs with a multiple genres tournament, however, while the tournament for Sc2 is added correctly $700k -

The entire game is inflated with twice that amount -

Good luck with your investigation.

Kind regards