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Type:Other - Suggestions/Feedback
Status:Pending Response Pending Response
Submitted:Jan 8th, 2019 5:56:29 PM

Please add the ability to search for players only in said game, it makes it much faster when your searching for a player with a common username in your database. If there are multiple usernames then it doesn't load all of them and there is no way to scroll down easily, so if that player is in your database it might not prioritize the player. It also helps when checking if a player already exists in the games database as I noticed that some players have the same usernames and same countries and you can't differentiate the players without looking checking their profiles.

So what I'm suggesting, is instead of having games highest earners, you have all players listed in that database. It would make it much faster to search for players. I also suggest adding a search engine into the tournaments, events and teams sections respectably as you might be looking for one particular team to edit or an event to copy because there's another tournament to add to the event. Currently, it's quite difficult to find smaller events.

Also, the favicon doesn't work, you might want to look at that.