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Submitted:Dec 29th, 2018 4:03:10 AM
Faked and staged results in quakeworld, as well as quake champions and most likely CSGO as well.
There might very well be matches played here and there but i can almost guarantee no money has changed hands here. Should be noted that majority of his results are against people he knows personally (either affiliated in this team, or in real life) (QuakeWorld)
Claiming to contain some of the best players in Sweden, every single one of them are unknown (can't be found on plusforward or QW wikia, both of which contain several hundread players in sweden alone, as well as a ton of results from QW,OW,QC,QL etc) and DEFENSE the winner is nowhere near good enough to be considered a top player. (can't even find any results or a player profile) (Quake Champions)
A $1500 QC tournament, with no known players whatsoever. (can't find any results, or even a player profile on on either player)

No information can be found anywhere outside of what defense has written on liquipedia and on here (every tournament he has supposedly won has extremely lavish descriptions with similar structure and grammar, and all share the issue of barely having any information available anywhere outside of wikias and on here).
Should also be mentioned that this would have been the biggest prizepool for an online tournament outside of the official ones ran by dreamhack,esl and bethesda... yet no one has ever seen anything about it.
(again can't even find any results or a player profile for either player outside of what has been reported on wikias and on here) (warsow)
A tournament with two players. One being defense, and the other being his friend cosmet1cs (they share a team together and know eachother in real life: (Counter-Strike)
Claiming to have had 32 teams competing for a 7000sek prize pool (huge for a small amateur cup in sweden), yet no information can be found about the tournament or it's alleged organizer (NEYA / N.E.Y.A) outside of wikias.

You can keep going on the majority of results he has posted on here and you will find similar traits on every single one of them (lavish descriptions, unknown players/teams, fairly large prizepools for dead games or small communities etc).

Further more: is his wikipedia where he writes in the exact same fashion (albeit in swedish). Using a picture claiming to be from a lan tournament located in Malmö that very much looks like a selfie taken inside of someones home (his shoulder angle points toward him holding the camera).

He has used ArenaOnline as his challonge account for two of the cups mentioned, which is the name of a netcafe in Malmö (he lives outside of malmö).
I have asked the owners of ArenaOnline who this kid is and none of them are even aware he exists and they have not hosted a proper tournament in years (with any monetary prizepool).
His team, same lavish descriptions showing very poor performance on any cup/tournament that can be corrobarated or confirmed by anyone outside of people he knows personally (who are all unknown outside of his circle of friends).

If it isn´t clear this guy is full of shit then i dont know what to say.