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Hello, I will be providing some tournament winnings for multiple players I have teamed with. It's from the Benelux Region & usually doesn't get much attention so I'll try to provide as much info as possible.


The Party Netherlands (Edition 11)
Total Winnings: €1,250

Team Chronic Stagepicture:

1. Arne "FMz" Van Den Haute
2. Nikola "Niko" Tomic
3. Kevin "keviNNN" Keppens
4. Aernout "ARNT" Folkertsma
5. Douglas "BmD" De Coninck

Team Chronic Final Standings Coverage:

Team Page Coverage:


EPS Season 5 Benelux CSS
Total Winnings: €700

FMz - shadoN3i - Breakah - Larry - kajsk1ng - Niko

ESL Victory Page:

EPS Picture:

Coverage Post with Prizes:


Sugarlan 9 Belgium
Total Winnings: €1000

FMz - CLZ - NKdomino - Niko - EFFECT

Victory Picture:

(not alot of coverage on this one, rather small tournament)


And all the ones I don't have "very good" proof for but that I know are true:


€250 - #2 Reality XI LAN Netherlands (FMz.Larry.shadoN3i.Breakah.Farido) 30P.css
€500 - #2 Reality XIV LAN Netherlands (FMz.xillian.EddyV.Nexfox.Niko) LowLandLions
€500 - #2 Frag-o-Matic LAN 16.0 Belgium (FMz.cruc1al.Cytaro.v1N.Niko) Avenue Esports
€500 - #2 The Party 10 LAN Netherlands (FMz.BmD.keviNNN.Niko.7zp) AT Gaming
€500 - #3 Frag-o-Matic 13.1 Belgium (FMz.EFFECT.vekS.Niko.revO) Antwerp Aces
€250 - #3 The Party 9 LAN Netherlands (FMz.Imprez.Farido.razzeh.BmD) POPPERS
$850 - #3 ESEA XIV Main Europe (FMz.chr1zz.CYTARO.v1n.niko) SD Gaming

You're welcome to e-mail me for addition info!

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EPS Benelux is added, I cant find enough information for the other tournaments to add, we'd also need the dates and prize pool information for the other teams.