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Submitted:Dec 4th, 2016 10:09:11 AM

I have a coupleTampa LANs to add.
You can probably tweet at @TampaEsports to quickly verify all of this:

Tampa eSports Summer LAN 2015 (CS:GO)

1. $2000 - Dream Killers - (Relyks, Char, HandleD, dmize, zecK)
2. $750 - Mambokingz - (WTFender, gogi, oalep, vaati, boozen)
3. $250 - Panda Military - (skeii, njd, joel, koku, aurum)


Registration page (prize distribution):
Facebook page:

Tampa Esports Winter Wonderlan 2014 (CS:GO)

1. $500 - Mambokingz (WTFender, gogi, laphora, oelap, vaati)
2. $175 - imposing proxy (d3ag, irNoobTrainee, bread, boozen, aurum)
3. $50 - (Relyks, eNakiruh, beekmaN, mishap, checkmate)

Prize distribution:

Facebook Page:

I don't have a bracket for this one... but the last few pics in this album have the winners:

The brackets don't show who is on what team, but here are players that posted their lineups which cover both LANs... idk if that's "official":