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Submitted:Nov 13th, 2016 7:24:40 PM

I really like your site. You provide who won how much for every single tournament. This is pretty good for an expert on the game, but simply providing how much was won is not very descriptive. For example, Quake may have a really good player that won a lot, but he didn't win much compared to a DOTA 2 player of today. Even when comparing within the game is difficult, a CS:GO player in 2012 was winning hardly anything when compared to 2016 because there were fewer tournaments and lower prize pools. I am not sure exactly how this would be remedied, but maybe, listing the percentage of total prize money that a player won in a year or that a tournament represented would be helpful.

Fortunately, people do not only look to prize money as an indicator of how good someone was, but since, this site is all about prize money, there should be some kind of solution for the predicament I described.

Bleda (Esports Writer at