Total Prize Money Earned:
$798,039.63 From 24 Tournaments

formerly "Kingzone DragonX"

DragonX Roster Summary

Arena of Valor$179,170.8922.45%
Clash Royale$23,500.002.94%
League of Legends$591,466.8274.11%
League of Legends (DRX Rookie)$1,681.920.21%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$611,973.7476.68%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of CuzzMoon, Woo Chan$71,516.51
2.Korea, Republic of BddGwak, Bo Seong$69,045.61
3.Korea, Republic of KhanKim, Dong Ha$68,965.61
4.Korea, Republic of PraYKim, Jong In$67,177.61
5.Korea, Republic of PeanutHan, Wang Ho$64,375.61
6.Korea, Republic of GorillAKang, Beom Hyeon$62,507.61
7.Korea, Republic of DeftKim, Hyuk Kyu$34,877.98
8.Korea, Republic of Core-, -$31,489.38
9.Korea, Republic of horrorKim, Hyo Jong$31,489.38
10.Korea, Republic of JY-, -$31,489.38
11.Korea, Republic of YK-, -$29,676.00
12.Korea, Republic of RascalKim, Kwang Hee$26,974.61
13.Korea, Republic of Sweet-, -$25,256.00
14.Korea, Republic of ChovyJeong, Ji Hoon$23,869.08
15.Korea, Republic of DoranChoi, Hyeon Joon$23,869.08
16.Korea, Republic of KeriaRyu, Min Seok$23,869.08
17.Korea, Republic of PyosikHong, Chang Hyeon$23,869.08
18.Korea, Republic of TuSinBak, Jong Ik$11,008.90
19.Korea, Republic of NaeHyunYoo, Nae Hyun$10,150.10
20.China 770-, -$6,233.38
21.China XingC-, -$6,233.38
22.Korea, Republic of Big Daddy-, -$5,875.00
23.Korea, Republic of Ho-, -$5,875.00
24.Korea, Republic of July-, -$5,875.00
25.Korea, Republic of PawNHeo, Won Seok$5,340.30


1.Dead Linkhttps://lol.gamepedia.com/DRX
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