Team Weibo

Total Prize Money Earned:
$2,488,862.32 From 31 Tournaments

Player Transfers For Team Weibo

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Transfer DateIDNameFormer Team New Team
2022-06-06China GeneralShu, ZhiqiTeam Weibo
2022-01-27China 惊人Yang, YushengTeam Weibo
2021-12-15Taiwan, Republic of China SwordArtHu, Shuo JieTeam Weibo
2021-12-14Korea, Republic of TheShyKang, Seung-lokTeam Weibo
2021-11-22China AngelXiang, TaoTeam Weibo
2021-11-22China huanfengTang, Huan FengTeam Weibo
2021-11-22China ONLuo, Wen JunTeam Weibo
2021-11-22Viet Nam SofMLê, Quang DuyTeam Weibo
2021-07-16China DaQuanChen, QuanTeam Weibo
2021-06-27China YMao-, -Team Weibo
2021-03-07China BeizhaiRun, MaTeam Weibo
2021-03-07China BronchoZhiwei, ZengTeam Weibo
2021-03-07China GeneralShu, ZhiqiTeam Weibo
2021-03-07China MingChen, HaomingTeam Weibo
2021-03-07China Z9Chen, ZixuanTeam Weibo
2018-07-17China AdouJiang, TaoTeam Weibo
2018-07-17China NuanYangLin, HengTeam Weibo
2018-07-17China ShenRenMa, TengfeiTeam Weibo

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