World Game Star (WGS)

Total Prize Money Earned:
$144,429.25 From 11 Tournaments

World Game Star is a South Korean multi-gaming esports organization.

World Game Star (WGS) Roster Summary


Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$45,843.0131.74%
2.Thailand Thailand$1,032.000.71%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of AceKim, Min Soo$10,452.08
2.Korea, Republic of GaeBullSsiYun, Young Sun$10,452.08
3.Korea, Republic of ValentineKim, Byeong Ju$10,452.08
4.Korea, Republic of AztacSu, Park$9,002.08
5.Korea, Republic of DDobiJung, Jin Myoung$9,002.08
6.Korea, Republic of MuZeKim, Young Hun$9,002.08
7.Korea, Republic of Enocass-, -$6,450.00
8.Korea, Republic of im37Hong, Jin Ui$5,000.00
9.Korea, Republic of MEDICKim, Hong Gyu$5,000.00
10.Korea, Republic of SimpleKim, Ji Sung$5,000.00
11.Korea, Republic of WaffleLee, Sang Hyun$5,000.00
12.Korea, Republic of Zebag-, -$5,000.00
13.Korea, Republic of DPI-, -$3,404.26
14.Korea, Republic of FloraLim, Young Woo$3,404.26
15.Korea, Republic of Gargoyle-, -$3,404.26
16.Korea, Republic of Karayan-, -$3,404.26
17.Korea, Republic of ManduKim, Chan Hee$2,349.71
18.Korea, Republic of MyunbongSeo, Sang Min$2,349.71
19.Korea, Republic of PelicanOh, Se Hyun$2,349.71
20.Korea, Republic of HANNKim, Dong-ho$1,954.95
21.Korea, Republic of iRdyHong, Soo-min$1,954.95
22.Korea, Republic of XppYoon, Jong-sung$1,954.95
23.Korea, Republic of AgnesYe, Heon Seo$1,450.00
24.Korea, Republic of NoahKim, Dae Gyeom$1,450.00
25.Korea, Republic of OparochiPark, Hyun Joon$1,450.00


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