Total Prize Money Earned:
$2,000.00 From 1 Tournament

Player Transfers For FeaR

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Transfer DateIDNameFormer Team New Team
2014-01-29United States Assass1nRobert WalshFeaR
2014-01-14United States DedoKen DedoFeaR
2014-01-14United States ApathyBryan ZhelyazkovFeaRStrictly Business
2014-01-14United States FeaRsDamod AbneyFeaRStrictly Business
2014-01-13United States DedoKen DedoFeaR
2014-01-13United States FeaRsDamod AbneyFeaR
2014-01-13United States ApathyBryan ZhelyazkovStrictly BusinessFeaR
2014-01-08United States DedoKen DedoFeaR
2014-01-07United States CMPLXAaron VetelinoFeaR
2014-01-07United States FormaLMatthew PiperFeaR

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