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Date of Birth:
Viet Nam
Viet Nam
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Total Prize Money Earned:
$4,802.00 From 26 Tournaments
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Results by Team

$225.00 From 1 Tournament
4.69% of Total Prize Money Earned

2016-10-043rdTeam-based Tournament » Quảng Đông 2016 - GuildCN¥1,500$225.00Age of Empires

Independent / Free Agent / Unknown Team
$4,577.00 From 25 Tournaments
95.31% of Total Prize Money Earned

2020-01-125thTeam-based Tournament Facebook Gaming Creators Cup 20193,600,000₫$154.80Age of Empires
2019-10-152ndTrung Việt 2019 Solo RandomCN¥3,000$420.00Age of Empires
2018-12-303rd-4thTeam-based Tournament Hà Nội Open 7 - 4vs4 Random2,500,000₫$107.50Age of Empires
2018-07-082ndTrung Việt 2018 - Solo RandomCN¥3,500$525.00Age of Empires
2018-04-293rdTeam-based Tournament Bé Yêu Cup 2018 - 2vs2 Shang3,000,000₫$132.00Age of Empires
2018-03-23LOSEAOE Online Viet Trung 2CN¥200$32.00Age of Empires
2017-08-051stTeam-based Tournament » AOE Việt Trung 2017 - 2vs2 Shang tự do10,000,000₫$440.00Age of Empires
2017-08-053rd-4th» AOE Việt Trung 2017 - Nội dung Solo Assyrian5,000,000₫$220.00Age of Empires
2017-05-285thTeam-based Tournament Ngũ Hùng tranh bá (2017)375,000₫$16.50Age of Empires
2017-05-049th-16th» AOE Online Việt Trung (2017)3,300,000₫$145.20Age of Empires
2017-04-025th-8th» AOE Pro Masters 2017 - Solo Islands500,000₫$22.00Age of Empires
2016-12-185th-8thGameK AOE Solo Cup Season 12,000,000₫$88.00Age of Empires
2016-11-195thStar League 20162,000,000₫$88.00Age of Empires
2016-10-034thTeam-based Tournament » Quảng Đông 2016 - 2vs2 Shang thuần tiễnCN¥1,000$150.00Age of Empires
2016-10-032ndTeam-based Tournament » Quảng Đông 2016 - 4vs4 Shang thuần tiễnCN¥1,500$225.00Age of Empires
2016-05-104thTeam-based Tournament » Hàng Châu Cup 2016 - Nội dung 2vs2 RandomCN¥1,500$225.00Age of Empires
2016-04-231stTeam-based Tournament » Thái Bình Open V - 2vs2 Random5,000,000₫$220.00Age of Empires
2016-01-171stTeam-based Tournament » Hà Nội Open 5 Championship - 2vs2 Random7,500,000₫$330.00Age of Empires
2016-01-171stTeam-based Tournament » Hà Nội Open 5 Championship - 4vs4 Random5,000,000₫$220.00Age of Empires
2015-12-152ndTeam-based Tournament » AOE Việt Trung 2015 - 4vs4 Random5,000,000₫$225.00Age of Empires
2015-02-243rd-4th» AOE Pro Masters 2015 - Nội dung Solo Assyrian3,000,000₫$135.00Age of Empires
2014-12-281stTeam-based Tournament » 4vs4 Hà Nội Open 4 Championship5,000,000₫$220.00Age of Empires
2014-11-233rdTeam-based Tournament » 2vs2 Hà Nội Open 4 Championship1,500,000₫$66.00Age of Empires
2014-06-011stTeam-based Tournament » Northern 7 (2014)2,500,000₫$110.00Age of Empires
2009-07-042ndTeam-based Tournament VnB Prime Tournament-$60.00Age of Empires


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