Kacper "kap3r" Sloma - CS:GO Player

Kacper Sloma
Date of Birth:
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$70,586.52 From 31 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:

Results by Team

$52,487.82 From 11 Tournaments
74.36% of Total Prize Money Earned

2019-07-162ndTeam-based Tournament GameAgents League Season 3 Playoffs-$1,200.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-06-095th-6thTeam-based Tournament » ESL Mistrzostwa Polski - Spring 2019 (CS:GO)2,000zł$530.08Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-05-203rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » LOOT.BET HotShot Series Season 3-$300.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-05-122ndTeam-based Tournament » GG League 2019 Olsztyn Offline Qualifier1,000zł$261.50Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-03-172ndTeam-based Tournament » WESG 2018 (CS:GO Male)-$40,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-02-265th-8thTeam-based Tournament UML Season 1: Online Stage-$1,375.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-02-093rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » LOOT.BET Hotshot Series Season 1-$300.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-12-151stTeam-based Tournament Polska Liga Esportowa S4 - Playoffs (CS:GO)16,000zł$4,230.40Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-12-042ndTeam-based Tournament Polska Liga Esportowa Season 4 Group Stage (CS:GO)1,100zł$290.84Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-11-253rd-4thTeam-based Tournament TOYOTA Master CS:GO Bangkok 2018-$2,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-11-1414thTeam-based Tournament » ESL Pro League Season 8 - Europe-$2,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

$8,762.61 From 8 Tournaments
12.41% of Total Prize Money Earned

2018-03-021stTeam-based Tournament » Puchar Polski Cybersport Season 3 (CS:GO)2,400zł$707.57Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-01-201stTeam-based Tournament » X-Bet.co Invitational 1-$285.71Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-12-175th-6thTeam-based Tournament LOOT.BET Nations Elite Esports Cup€350.00$411.39Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-12-031stTeam-based Tournament » Polska Liga Esportowa Season 2 Playoffs (CS:GO)9,200zł$2,597.16Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-11-262ndTeam-based Tournament FCDB Cup 2017-$2,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-11-193rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » WEGL 2017 (CS:GO)₩1,500,000$1,371.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-11-142ndTeam-based Tournament » Polska Liga Esportowa Season 2 Group Stage (CS:GO)1,400zł$389.78Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-10-281stTeam-based Tournament » ESL Clash of Nations 2017 (CS:GO)-$1,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Independent / Free Agent / Unknown Team
$9,336.09 From 12 Tournaments
13.23% of Total Prize Money Earned

2019-12-125th-6thTeam-based Tournament » Polska Liga Esportowa S7 Grupa Mistrzowska - Finals (CS:GO)1,000zł$260.84Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-12-013rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » ESL Mistrzostwa Polski - Fall 2019 (CS:GO)3,000zł$795.12Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-10-202ndTeam-based Tournament » Polska Liga Esportowa S7 Grupa Mistrzowska - WarmUP (CS:GO)1,000zł$260.53Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-09-225th-6thTeam-based Tournament » V4 Future Sports Festival 2019 (CS:GO)€2,500.00$2,755.03Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-08-182nd» ESEA Rank G EU 08-11/08-18 2019-$500.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-12-044thTeam-based Tournament Polska Liga Esportowa Season 4 Group Stage (CS:GO)900zł$237.96Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-09-301st» FACEIT Pro League Challenger Europe #14 2018 (CS:GO)-$1,250.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-06-231stTeam-based Tournament » Polska Liga Esportowa S3 - Playoffs (CS:GO)9,200zł$2,481.29Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-06-123rdTeam-based Tournament » Polska Liga Esportowa Season 3 Group Stage (CS:GO)1,100zł$303.46Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-06-022ndTeam-based Tournament » Road to GG League 2018 Stage #4 Łódź600zł$162.58Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-02-043rd-4thTeam-based Tournament Ecenter Copernicup 2018600zł$179.28Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-08-241stTeam-based Tournament » ESEA UK CS:GO Open Season 25 - Playoffs-$150.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


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