Artifact Open Circuit

Prize Money Awarded:
$550.00 From 3 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2018-12-01 to

The AOC is the Artifact Open Circuit, basically a carbon copy of the Dota Pro Circuit in its ruleset, but instead it is open to absolutely everyone. In plain English, it is a series of public mini-tournaments to decide player ranking, with a final tournament at the end of the month for the top 8 to decide the victor

Largest Prize Pools

 Tournament NamePrize Money
1.» AOC - Season One$150.00

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (League)
1.United Kingdom Coldstorm- -$100.00
2.Germany derwipok- -$85.00
3.Netherlands homemadepizza- -$70.00
4.Belgium zezetel- -$50.00
5.United States Unscathed- -$40.00
6.Canada pigeon- -$30.00
7.Germany Inuyaki- -$25.00
8.United States kyoko- -$25.00
9.Canada Neon- -$25.00
10.Denmark chauchih- -$20.00
11.United States Endure- -$10.00
12.United States hodger- -$10.00
13.Russian Federation komsiant- -$10.00
14.United States pattycake- -$10.00
15.Russian Federation DON-ILYA- -$5.00
16.Jordan SHAK-- -$5.00

Top Games

 Game NamePrize Money
1.» Artifact$550.00

Online/LAN Breakdown

LocationPrize Money% of Total
Online Only$550.00100.00%

Top Countries

 Country NamePrize Money
1.Germany Germany$110.00
2.United States United States$95.00
3.Netherlands Netherlands$70.00
4.Canada Canada$55.00
5.Denmark Denmark$20.00