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Take your game to the next level / Performance Coaching Opportunity
1.tpgemign [OP]Posts: 1

What's up everyone?!

Just stopping in to relay an opportunity that some may be interested in and take a moment to describe what I do, and why its important.

Essentially I'm looking for volunteers who may be interested in using mental skills training / performance coaching to really push their skill-set to the next level. So what is mental skill training?

Drawing from the literature of sport psychology, performance psychology, coaching, and counseling, mental skills training uses scientifically-driven techniques to create an optimal environment where you can grow and kick ass on a consistent basis. Usually, this resource is reserved for professional or elite athletes, but it has so much more potential than that. Being a gamer requires an absolute rock-steady mindset to perform on the highest stages and I don't think people realize the pressure and amount of training that actually goes into a season. So how can I help?

Well..It's important to realize that you can only train/develop three things. The Craft, The Body, and The Mind. It's like a tripod, you take away one leg and everything collapses. In something as cognitive / mentally driven as video games, training the mind becomes that much more important. It's bloody essential! You tell me how much better off your game would be if you went into each tournament with honed skills in motivation, commitment, confidence, and coping with stress. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. So that's why I'm here. I'm here to help in any way I can..by in-person seminars, workshops, direct consultation, and collaboration, we'll find the formula to continual success and unlock the skills that make you a boss.

If anyone [and I mean anyone...it's doesn't matter the skill-level, age, or any other demographic / psychosocial factor], I'm interested in helping. Please feel free to reach out at infiniteperformancecoach@gmail.com or check out my "in the works" website [infiniteperformanceworks.com]. I offer individual or team packages and unlike most of my counter-parts, I've stepped into the twenty-first century and am able to conduct online consultations.

I look forward to hearing from you. And learning. Learning about the ins and outs of a craft that people never imagined would make it this far. I think it's time to see how far it can reach. Cheers!

PS: My gamertag is tomgems14, see you online!