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Starcraft II total conversion mod ideas
1.MartinL [OP]Posts: 4

With the power of the Galaxy Editor's superior editing technology, what could be some good ideas for total conversion mods for Starcraft II?

I would like to see a 40K conversion done with Sc2. Replace Terran with Space Marine, Zerg with Nids, and Protoss with Eldar in the initial release, and then slowly add the other races to the conversion.

I would also like to see a Gundam Conversion done with Sc2, more particuly the original Gundam timeline. Have one faction be Earth Federation and the other one be Zeon, Zeon focuses on strong units but high costs while Federation focuses on weaker to moderate strength units(with the expections of a few end game ones such as the Psyco Gundam) that are cheap and good for rushing and can be buffed in the presence of stronger units.

Or hell, pay the ultimate tribute to Blizz and make a Warcraft conversion with Human, orc, Scourge and Night Elves!

So SoL, what could be some good ideas for a total conversion mod for SC2? country ringtones, zedge, ringtones free

2.mmworkfifaPosts: 3

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3.ChoosayPosts: 3

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