Player Rankings

Top 300 Highest Earnings for Viet Nam

This list represents the top players of the specified country in esports who won prize money based on information published on the internet. Sources include news articles, forum posts, live report threads, interviews, official statements, reliable databases, VODs and other publicly-accessable sources that preserve "historical" information.

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Overall)Highest Paying GameTotal (Game)% of Total
201.Viet Nam EGONguyễn, Khánh Hòa$6,590.30League of Legends$6,590.30100.00%
202.Viet Nam SmellTruong, Huy Hoang$6,553.33PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$6,553.33100.00%
203.Viet Nam Dimash- -$6,500.00FIFA Online 4$6,500.00100.00%
204.Viet Nam BK DừaDương, Huỳnh Bảo Long$6,464.80Arena of Valor$6,464.80100.00%
205.Viet Nam SerghNam Lộc Liêu$6,458.62League of Legends$6,458.62100.00%
206.Viet Nam phatkonPham, Tan Phat$6,400.00CrossFire$6,400.00100.00%
207.Viet Nam NamCNgô, Như Hoài Nam$6,331.67PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$6,331.67100.00%
208.Viet Nam ShynNguyễn Khánh Sơn$6,287.36League of Legends$6,287.36100.00%
209.Viet Nam zGou1Nguyễn, Đức Kiên$6,264.94PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$6,264.94100.00%
210.Viet Nam Double PPhi, Ngo Tuan$6,186.73PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$6,186.73100.00%
211.Viet Nam HeavenQuách, Đăng Phi$6,005.62League of Legends$4,193.1269.82%
212.Viet Nam OneLe, Vo Tan Phat$6,000.00CrossFire$6,000.00100.00%
213.Viet Nam RambutanPhạm, Xuân Giang$5,973.30Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$5,834.6097.68%
214.Viet Nam JiroNguyễn, Quốc Hận$5,856.60Arena of Valor$5,856.60100.00%
215.Viet Nam d1sgustinggNguyen, Duc$5,743.25PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$5,743.25100.00%
216.Viet Nam McMoo-, -$5,743.25PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$5,743.25100.00%
217.Viet Nam KingofWarNguyễn, Đức Hiệp$5,720.20League of Legends$5,720.20100.00%
218.Viet Nam NDGNguyễn, Duy Đức$5,695.20Arena of Valor$5,695.20100.00%
219.Viet Nam GoNyLê Hồng Ny$5,667.29League of Legends$5,667.29100.00%
220.Viet Nam Cam Quýt- -$5,666.30Age of Empires$5,666.30100.00%
221.Viet Nam PynBùi Ngân Phiếu$5,601.48PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile$5,601.48100.00%
222.Viet Nam YamateThiên Hà Lê$5,569.09Arena of Valor$5,569.09100.00%
223.Viet Nam Prime- -$5,500.00Fortnite$5,500.00100.00%
224.Viet Nam CooLHuy Nguyen$5,468.48Age of Empires II$4,331.8179.21%
225.Viet Nam PetlandVõ, Huỳnh Quang Huy$5,455.44League of Legends$5,455.44100.00%
226.Viet Nam Dia1Lê, Phú Quý$5,294.18League of Legends$5,294.18100.00%
227.Viet Nam RowHoàng Duy, Phương$5,259.94League of Legends$5,259.94100.00%
228.Viet Nam Chipboy- -$5,250.50Age of Empires$5,250.50100.00%
229.Viet Nam KingJLê, Võ Đăng Khương$5,205.39League of Legends$5,205.39100.00%
230.Viet Nam DivkidVõ, Thanh Tùng$5,174.76League of Legends$5,174.76100.00%
231.Viet Nam Red- -$5,167.80Dota 2$5,167.80100.00%
232.Viet Nam BlazeSĐỗ, Đình Sang$5,089.03League of Legends$5,089.03100.00%
233.Viet Nam NeyunBùi, Mạnh Nguyên$5,027.78League of Legends: Wild Rift$5,027.78100.00%
234.Viet Nam T3-, -$5,027.78League of Legends: Wild Rift$5,027.78100.00%
235.Viet Nam ZacAn Nguyen$5,003.93Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$5,003.93100.00%
236.Viet Nam TNPhan, Tín Nghị$5,000.00Free Fire$5,000.00100.00%
237.Viet Nam Yamete- -$5,000.00Arena of Valor$5,000.00100.00%
238.Viet Nam CHOPPERPhạm Thắng$4,973.00PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile$4,973.00100.00%
239.Viet Nam SornNguyễn, Minh Hào$4,924.63League of Legends$4,924.63100.00%
240.Viet Nam 20PercentNguyễn, Đăng Khoa$4,813.72Arena of Valor$4,813.72100.00%
241.Viet Nam hehe- -$4,802.00Age of Empires$4,802.00100.00%
242.Viet Nam Hunter- -$4,800.00Fortnite$4,800.00100.00%
243.Viet Nam BBC- -$4,750.00FIFA Online 4$4,750.00100.00%
244.Viet Nam Cragger- -$4,750.00FIFA Online 4$4,750.00100.00%
245.Viet Nam HuyDoSon- -$4,750.00FIFA Online 4$4,750.00100.00%
246.Viet Nam PakeHuỳnh, Thanh Hoàng$4,747.56League of Legends$4,747.56100.00%
247.Viet Nam BAE- -$4,666.67FIFA Online 4$4,666.67100.00%
248.Viet Nam QTN- -$4,666.67FIFA Online 4$4,666.67100.00%
249.Viet Nam TeeCaprio- -$4,666.67FIFA Online 4$4,666.67100.00%
250.Viet Nam CloriesNguyen, Long Hai$4,645.00PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$4,645.00100.00%
251.Viet Nam ExcavatorThien Hoang$4,600.00CrossFire$4,600.00100.00%
252.Viet Nam JungleologyNguyễn Hồng Thắng$4,600.00League of Legends$4,600.00100.00%
253.Viet Nam TankerDinh Nguyen$4,600.00CrossFire$4,600.00100.00%
254.Viet Nam Zest- -$4,594.60PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$4,594.60100.00%
255.Viet Nam GodNueDo, Viet Dung$4,565.00PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$4,565.00100.00%
256.Viet Nam BeyondVĩnh Thanh Trương$4,551.17League of Legends$4,551.17100.00%
257.Viet Nam MixiThanh Độ, Phùng$4,485.10PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$4,485.10100.00%
258.Viet Nam Hoàng Mai Nhi- -$4,476.29Age of Empires$4,476.29100.00%
259.Viet Nam SololzyLương, Ngọc Hiển$4,368.33PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$4,368.33100.00%
260.Viet Nam Pun-, -$4,276.01League of Legends$4,276.01100.00%
261.Viet Nam ScaryNguyễn, Hải Hà$4,243.69League of Legends$4,243.69100.00%
262.Viet Nam VigossDai, Pham Minh$4,222.99League of Legends$4,222.99100.00%
263.Viet Nam DarLyPhạm Anh Khoa$4,173.00PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile$4,173.00100.00%
264.Viet Nam Kriss KyleNguyễn, Hữu Phúc$4,140.34League of Legends$4,140.34100.00%
265.Viet Nam PorscheLê Hoài Nam$4,125.00PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile$4,125.00100.00%
266.Viet Nam No1- -$4,123.17Age of Empires$4,123.17100.00%
267.Viet Nam JJLeo- -$4,076.67PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$4,076.67100.00%
268.Viet Nam HiroNguyễn, Lộc Thọ$4,036.18Arena of Valor$4,036.18100.00%
269.Viet Nam Eirat- -$4,000.00Auto Chess$4,000.00100.00%
270.Viet Nam LuvCTrần, Văn Huy$3,999.70Arena of Valor$3,999.70100.00%
271.Viet Nam TearNguyễn, Chiến Thắng$3,967.83League of Legends$3,967.83100.00%
272.Viet Nam WhiteTLê, Quang Thắng$3,964.94Arena of Valor$3,964.94100.00%
273.Viet Nam TH- -$3,867.86Arena of Valor$3,000.0077.56%
274.Viet Nam GenzaTrần, Hồng Phúc$3,848.30League of Legends$2,035.8052.90%
275.Viet Nam Sniper- -$3,833.34FIFA Online 4$3,833.34100.00%
276.Viet Nam ThanhHoa- -$3,833.34FIFA Online 4$3,833.34100.00%
277.Viet Nam StyleNguyễn, Hoàng Sơn$3,810.25League of Legends$3,810.25100.00%
278.Viet Nam KidzPhạm, Tuấn Vĩ$3,784.51League of Legends$3,784.51100.00%
279.Viet Nam Mesut-, -$3,750.00FIFA Online 4$3,750.00100.00%
280.Viet Nam SongSongLong -$3,747.00Age of Empires II$3,747.00100.00%
281.Viet Nam TAVõ, Minh Ân$3,712.08Arena of Valor$3,712.08100.00%
282.Viet Nam cLbHoang Nguyen$3,642.42Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$3,642.42100.00%
283.Viet Nam darklordHoang Giang$3,634.88Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$3,634.88100.00%
284.Viet Nam 3KChương Linh Nguyễn$3,600.00Free Fire$3,600.00100.00%
285.Viet Nam BeeOneVũ, Tuấn Phi$3,570.98League of Legends$3,570.98100.00%
286.Viet Nam BadBoyBui Anh Tu$3,537.90Age of Empires II$3,537.90100.00%
287.Viet Nam OnionPham Vứ Hieu$3,500.00Clash Royale$3,500.00100.00%
288.Viet Nam Kishi-SanNgo, Huy$3,492.13Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$2,192.1362.77%
289.Viet Nam LeeHariii-, -$3,416.67FIFA Online 4$3,416.67100.00%
290.Viet Nam TarzanCao, Ngọc Thắng$3,371.66League of Legends$3,371.66100.00%
291.Viet Nam RaizoLâm, Huỳnh Gia Huy$3,342.13League of Legends$3,342.13100.00%
292.Viet Nam Lê Nhật KhánhLê, Nhật Khánh$3,333.33FIFA Online 3$3,333.33100.00%
293.Viet Nam Nguyễn Ngọc TùngNguyễn, Ngọc Tùng$3,333.33FIFA Online 3$3,333.33100.00%
294.Viet Nam Nguyễn Văn CườngNguyễn, Văn Cường$3,333.33FIFA Online 3$3,333.33100.00%
295.Viet Nam VictoryNguyễn, Quốc Thắng$3,333.15League of Legends$3,333.15100.00%
296.Viet Nam TartarusNguyễn, Hưng Thịnh$3,313.83League of Legends$3,313.83100.00%
297.Viet Nam WickedNguyễn, Thành Nhân$3,256.80Arena of Valor$3,256.80100.00%
298.Viet Nam LHHồ, Phước Lộc$3,254.73Arena of Valor$3,254.73100.00%
299.Viet Nam HipPiii-, -$3,200.00Arena of Valor$3,200.00100.00%
300.Viet Nam RapPhan, Phú Quốc$3,196.88Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$3,196.88100.00%