Player Rankings

Top 500 Highest Earnings for Viet Nam

This list represents the top 500 players of the specified country in esports who won prize money based on information published on the internet. Sources include news articles, forum posts, live report threads, interviews, official statements, reliable databases, VODs and other publicly-accessable sources that preserve "historical" information.

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Overall)Highest Paying GameTotal (Game)% of Total
401.Viet Nam GoroHồ, Kháng Thiên$4,408.29Arena of Valor$4,408.29100.00%
402.Viet Nam ThienniNguyễn, Hoàng Thiện$4,393.14FIFA Online 3$2,469.1756.21%
403.Viet Nam 777Do, Quoc Duy$4,377.37PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$4,377.37100.00%
404.Viet Nam SaitoPhạm, Văn Trường$4,319.64League of Legends: Wild Rift$4,319.64100.00%
405.Viet Nam SlowzTrịnh, Hoàng Dương$4,316.26PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$2,890.8066.97%
406.Viet Nam MowfTrần, Đức Minh$4,255.36VALORANT$4,064.8695.52%
407.Viet Nam ScaryNguyễn, Hải Hà$4,243.69League of Legends$4,243.69100.00%
408.Viet Nam LamsuNguyễn, Đức Tùng Lâm$4,237.57League of Legends: Wild Rift$4,237.57100.00%
408.Viet Nam LaniPhạm, Hải$4,237.57League of Legends: Wild Rift$4,237.57100.00%
410.Viet Nam Kriss KyleNguyễn, Hữu Phúc$4,140.34League of Legends$4,140.34100.00%
411.Viet Nam DuCkHjeUzDuong, Duc Hieu$4,112.92PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$4,112.92100.00%
412.Viet Nam DylingMai, Văn Thanh Phúc$4,096.56League of Legends: Wild Rift$4,096.56100.00%
413.Viet Nam [email protected]Phùng, Hoàng Giang$4,008.28Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$3,721.4292.84%
414.Viet Nam BAMBI- -$4,000.00Auto Chess$4,000.00100.00%
414.Viet Nam Eirat- -$4,000.00Auto Chess$4,000.00100.00%
416.Viet Nam Nhatthong2kNguyễn, Nhất Thống$3,992.25VALORANT$3,579.7589.67%
417.Viet Nam JohnnyPPhan, Hoàng Trí$3,980.91Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$3,070.4577.13%
418.Viet Nam f1cioHoàng, Ngọc Sơn$3,973.60VALORANT$3,973.60100.00%
419.Viet Nam TearNguyễn, Chiến Thắng$3,967.83League of Legends$3,967.83100.00%
420.Viet Nam WhiteTLê, Quang Thắng$3,964.94Arena of Valor$3,964.94100.00%
421.Viet Nam PinoPhùng, Xuân Quang$3,911.48PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile$3,911.48100.00%
422.Viet Nam UltimateĐỗ, Chông Minh$3,907.25Free Fire$3,907.25100.00%
423.Viet Nam PikaPhan, Trung Huy$3,883.55PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$3,840.5598.89%
424.Viet Nam TH- -$3,867.86Arena of Valor$3,000.0077.56%
425.Viet Nam Why8Duong, The Hieu$3,843.62PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$3,843.62100.00%
426.Viet Nam RenoLê, Đức Toàn$3,830.73Free Fire$3,830.73100.00%
427.Viet Nam Tutj- -$3,830.30Age of Empires$3,830.30100.00%
428.Viet Nam GokuBùi, Tiến Đạt$3,804.33League of Legends: Wild Rift$3,804.33100.00%
429.Viet Nam EliosNguyễn, Huy Thắng$3,792.15League of Legends: Wild Rift$3,792.15100.00%
430.Viet Nam KidzPhạm, Tuấn Vĩ$3,784.51League of Legends$3,784.51100.00%
431.Viet Nam FapPham, Duc Phap$3,770.48PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$3,770.48100.00%
432.Viet Nam ThienAnChâu, Hoàng Thiên Ân$3,750.00FIFA Online 3$3,750.00100.00%
432.Viet Nam TuanNhatHồ, Tuấn Nhật$3,750.00FIFA Online 3$3,750.00100.00%
434.Viet Nam cLbHoang Nguyen$3,728.96Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$3,728.96100.00%
435.Viet Nam RejectHoàng, Đình Châu$3,683.48League of Legends: Wild Rift$3,683.48100.00%
436.Viet Nam 74L1Le, Anh Duc$3,588.72PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$3,588.72100.00%
437.Viet Nam NPCNgo, Phuoc Chung$3,578.83Free Fire$3,578.83100.00%
438.Viet Nam KunPHuỳnh, Tiến Phát$3,576.88FIFA Online 4$3,576.88100.00%
439.Viet Nam BeGiangNguyễn, Trường Giang$3,575.22Free Fire$3,575.22100.00%
439.Viet Nam TucaHoàng, Ngọc Trí$3,575.22Free Fire$3,575.22100.00%
441.Viet Nam GunnyNguyễn Hưng$3,555.55Age of Empires$3,555.55100.00%
442.Viet Nam BUCKYTrần, Trí Dũng$3,534.33PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile$3,534.33100.00%
443.Viet Nam nizzyNguyen, Thanh$3,523.99VALORANT$3,428.1897.28%
444.Viet Nam OnionPham Vứ Hieu$3,500.00Clash Royale$3,500.00100.00%
445.Viet Nam Trùm TopTrần, Văn Tý$3,495.89League of Legends: Wild Rift$3,495.89100.00%
446.Viet Nam Y1Trần, Gia Huy$3,474.33League of Legends: Wild Rift$3,166.6791.14%
447.Viet Nam TomRio-, -$3,453.11League of Legends$3,453.11100.00%
448.Viet Nam ChocoJr-, -$3,447.06PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile$3,447.06100.00%
449.Viet Nam KulzĐinh, Trường Giang$3,387.79League of Legends: Wild Rift$3,387.79100.00%
450.Viet Nam CleeLe, Minh Chinh$3,379.87PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$3,379.87100.00%
451.Viet Nam TarzanCao, Ngọc Thắng$3,371.66League of Legends$3,371.66100.00%
452.Viet Nam FogPhạm, Lê Dũng$3,371.60Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$2,451.4972.71%
453.Viet Nam SpotNguyễn, Phan Đình Khôi$3,345.30League of Legends$3,345.30100.00%
454.Viet Nam Lê Nhật KhánhLê, Nhật Khánh$3,333.33FIFA Online 3$3,333.33100.00%
454.Viet Nam Nguyễn Ngọc TùngNguyễn, Ngọc Tùng$3,333.33FIFA Online 3$3,333.33100.00%
454.Viet Nam Nguyễn Văn CườngNguyễn, Văn Cường$3,333.33FIFA Online 3$3,333.33100.00%
457.Viet Nam VictoryNguyễn, Quốc Thắng$3,333.15League of Legends$3,333.15100.00%
458.Viet Nam ShadowHP- -$3,320.78Free Fire$3,320.78100.00%
459.Viet Nam LuvCTrần, Văn Huy$3,316.22Arena of Valor$3,316.22100.00%
460.Viet Nam TartarusNguyễn, Hưng Thịnh$3,313.83League of Legends$3,313.83100.00%
461.Viet Nam NarRPhan, Văn Luân$3,299.47Free Fire$3,299.47100.00%
462.Viet Nam JikeyLe, Ngoc Tai$3,295.80PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$3,295.80100.00%
463.Viet Nam SnakeNguyễn, Văn Thuận$3,280.89PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$3,280.89100.00%
464.Viet Nam Kyo- -$3,275.73Age of Empires IV$2,079.7363.49%
465.Viet Nam LiningzHoang, Van Ninh$3,265.80PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$3,265.80100.00%
466.Viet Nam WickedNguyễn, Thành Nhân$3,256.80Arena of Valor$3,256.80100.00%
467.Viet Nam LHHồ, Phước Lộc$3,254.73Arena of Valor$3,254.73100.00%
468.Viet Nam TaikonnHà, Hữu Tài$3,201.81PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$3,167.3698.92%
469.Viet Nam HipPiii-, -$3,200.00Arena of Valor$3,200.00100.00%
470.Viet Nam RapPhan, Phú Quốc$3,196.88Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$3,196.88100.00%
471.Viet Nam CoatedĐinh, Văn Tráng$3,196.76League of Legends$3,196.76100.00%
472.Viet Nam AkihoĐức Sơn Trần$3,185.84League of Legends$3,185.84100.00%
473.Viet Nam Truy Mệnh- -$3,179.30Age of Empires$3,179.30100.00%
474.Viet Nam LDT-, -$3,166.67League of Legends: Wild Rift$3,166.67100.00%
474.Viet Nam ToxicWay-, -$3,166.67League of Legends: Wild Rift$3,166.67100.00%
474.Viet Nam YonT-, -$3,166.67League of Legends: Wild Rift$3,166.67100.00%
474.Viet Nam yV-, -$3,166.67League of Legends: Wild Rift$3,166.67100.00%
478.Viet Nam DucTDuc Hoang Trung$3,155.41VALORANT$2,993.5494.87%
479.Viet Nam EagleTrần, Thanh Lâm$3,133.69League of Legends: Wild Rift$3,133.69100.00%
480.Viet Nam HaoDongDo, Van Hao$3,132.14League of Legends: Wild Rift$3,132.14100.00%
481.Viet Nam Em béQuang Anh$3,094.29Age of Empires$3,094.29100.00%
482.Viet Nam TeeTrieu Pham$3,088.90Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$3,071.7099.44%
483.Viet Nam LoliTaVũ Hoàng Việt$3,074.16League of Legends$3,074.16100.00%
484.Viet Nam SunnyNguyễn, Thanh Phong$3,065.13League of Legends$3,065.13100.00%
485.Viet Nam ClearTrịnh, Ngọc Anh Tuấn$3,061.18League of Legends$3,061.18100.00%
486.Viet Nam LLNgô, Minh Quân$3,050.96League of Legends$2,950.9696.72%
487.Viet Nam BlazeSVõ Hùng, Việt Nhựt$3,044.09Arena of Valor$3,044.09100.00%
488.Viet Nam TrinhHieuTrịnh, Minh Hiếu$3,028.52FIFA Online 4$3,028.52100.00%
489.Viet Nam SoulessDuy Nguyen$3,025.00Teamfight Tactics$3,025.00100.00%
490.Viet Nam Milan-, -$3,010.97Free Fire$3,010.97100.00%
491.Viet Nam BoongminzVan Ngoc Nguyen$3,005.80PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$3,005.80100.00%
492.Viet Nam DancerPhu Nghiem$3,000.00CrossFire$3,000.00100.00%
492.Viet Nam KickerTien Vu$3,000.00CrossFire$3,000.00100.00%
492.Viet Nam RenoJackson- -$3,000.00Hearthstone$3,000.00100.00%
492.Viet Nam TriumphZ-, -$3,000.00Arena of Valor$3,000.00100.00%
492.Viet Nam ĐắcLớp- -$3,000.00Free Fire$3,000.00100.00%
497.Viet Nam CalmĐinh, Trọng Quyết$2,991.18League of Legends$2,991.18100.00%
498.Viet Nam KelvinVũ, Trung Kiên$2,979.83PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile$2,979.83100.00%
499.Viet Nam FuryPhạm, Xuân Tiến$2,964.75League of Legends$2,964.75100.00%
500.Viet Nam JudasNguyễn, Văn Long$2,958.45Arena of Valor$2,958.45100.00%