Player Rankings

Top 300 Highest Earnings for New Zealand

This list represents the top players of the specified country in esports who won prize money based on information published on the internet. Sources include news articles, forum posts, live report threads, interviews, official statements, reliable databases, VODs and other publicly-accessable sources that preserve "historical" information.

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Overall)Highest Paying GameTotal (Game)% of Total
201.New Zealand Papa- -$35.45Rainbow Six Siege$35.45100.00%
202.New Zealand Dragomadryl- -$35.37Gwent$35.37100.00%
203.New Zealand Roger- -$34.50Dota 2$34.50100.00%
204.New Zealand Traits- -$30.57Quake Live$30.57100.00%
205.New Zealand hueLandeRSam -$30.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$30.00100.00%
206.New Zealand KiDJosh D.$30.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$30.00100.00%
207.New Zealand methodJoe Best$30.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$30.00100.00%
208.New Zealand MockseyDaniel Slater$30.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$30.00100.00%
209.New Zealand SecretSauce- -$30.00Hearthstone$30.00100.00%
210.New Zealand KiwisimmingRachelle -$25.00Stardew Valley$25.00100.00%
211.New Zealand willehWilliam Yip$22.50Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$22.50100.00%
212.New Zealand HypheNZaine Mudgway$20.83Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$20.83100.00%
213.New Zealand xthrx- -$18.54Quake Live$18.54100.00%
214.New Zealand ZandiagoAlex Butler$12.20Dota 2$12.20100.00%
215.New Zealand sm999- -$11.00Jstris$11.00100.00%
216.New Zealand MaSteRKim, Do Young$10.53StarCraft II$10.53100.00%
217.New Zealand x2jod_- -$6.60Brawlhalla$6.60100.00%
218.New Zealand ShanTC- -$2.00Jstris$2.00100.00%
219.New Zealand Alamanar- -$0.00osu!$0.000.00%
220.New Zealand Ben Stokes of Deceit- -$0.00Dota 2$0.000.00%
221.New Zealand Big Z- -$0.00osu!$0.000.00%
222.New Zealand buny- -$0.00osu!$0.000.00%
223.New Zealand cabbage- -$0.00osu!$0.000.00%
224.New Zealand Div- -$0.00osu!$0.000.00%
225.New Zealand DTJump- -$0.00osu!$0.000.00%
226.New Zealand Exodius- -$0.00Dota 2$0.000.00%
227.New Zealand FantumEX- -$0.00osu!$0.000.00%
228.New Zealand Feyyy- -$0.00osu!$0.000.00%
229.New Zealand Framps- -$0.00osu!$0.000.00%
230.New Zealand Grimacee- -$0.00osu!$0.000.00%
231.New Zealand kiyumi- -$0.00osu!$0.000.00%
232.New Zealand momochan- -$0.00osu!$0.000.00%
233.New Zealand ningalu- -$0.00osu!$0.000.00%
234.New Zealand Nucifera- -$0.00osu!$0.000.00%
235.New Zealand Nyao- -$0.00osu!$0.000.00%
236.New Zealand shortpotato- -$0.00osu!$0.000.00%
237.New Zealand smead- -$0.00osu!$0.000.00%
238.New Zealand Spicy Meme- -$0.00osu!$0.000.00%
239.New Zealand Tang- -$0.00osu!$0.000.00%
240.New Zealand UGTFO- -$0.00Dota 2$0.000.00%
241.New Zealand Worms- -$0.00osu!$0.000.00%
242.New Zealand xenoframium- -$0.00osu!$0.000.00%
243.New Zealand yellowy246- -$0.00osu!$0.000.00%
244.New Zealand Zen- -$0.00Dota 2$0.000.00%
245.New Zealand Zoomer- -$0.00osu!$0.000.00%
246.New Zealand [ Pustules ]- -$0.00osu!$0.000.00%