Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel

Johnathan Wendel
Date of Birth:
February 26, 1981
United States
United States
Total Prize Money Earned:
$454,919.23 From 36 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:

Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel is a professional electronic sports player and entrepreneur. He is considered the world's first prominent and accomplished professional gamer, and one of the best professional gamers in the world.

Fatal1ty has been a successful competitor in many first-person shooter games. He debuted as a professional gamer at the CPL's FRAG 3 event. Most of his successes have been with one-versus-one deathmatch games including Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament 2003, and Painkiller. During his career, he has won a total of twelve world championship titles, including four player of the year awards with the Cyberathlete Professional League and one with the World Cyber Games.

Earnings By Year
2006$19,642.264 Tournaments4.32%
2005$231,000.0010 Tournaments50.78%
2004$34,550.004 Tournaments7.59%
2003$3,000.001 Tournament0.66%
2002$15,000.002 Tournaments3.30%
2001$53,922.657 Tournaments11.85%
2000$93,804.327 Tournaments20.62%
1999$4,000.001 Tournament0.88%

Earnings By Age
25$19,642.264 Tournaments4.32%
24$231,000.0010 Tournaments50.78%
23$34,550.004 Tournaments7.59%
22$3,000.001 Tournament0.66%
21$15,000.002 Tournaments3.30%
20$53,172.656 Tournaments11.69%
19$92,054.327 Tournaments20.24%
18$6,500.002 Tournaments1.43%

Earnings By Game
Aliens versus Predator 2$40,000.001 Tournament8.79%
Doom 3$25,000.001 Tournament5.50%
Painkiller$240,550.0013 Tournaments52.88%
Quake 4$19,642.264 Tournaments4.32%
Quake III Arena$115,726.9714 Tournaments25.44%
QuakeWorld$1,000.001 Tournament0.22%
Unreal Tournament 2003$13,000.002 Tournaments2.86%

Earnings By Online/LAN
Offline/LAN$454,919.2336 Tournaments100.00%
Online Only$0.000 Tournaments0.00%

Top Placements
13 Tournaments
10 Tournaments
6 Tournaments

Other Statistics
Overall Ranking
Ranked #23 Highest Overall Earnings

Largest Prize from a Single Tournament
$150,000.00 CPL World Tour Finals 20052005-11-22
32.97% of Total Earned


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