StarCraft: Brood War

Release Date:
Prize Money Awarded:
$5,430,493.32 From 204 Tournaments

StarCraft: Brood War is the expansion pack for the award winning military science fiction, real-time strategy video game StarCraft. This introduced new campaigns, map tilesets, music, extra units for each race, and upgrade advancements. The campaigns continue the story from where the original StarCraft ended. The expansion was released in the United States on November 30, 1998. Brood War was critically well-received, with reviewers praising it for being developed with the care of a full game rather than as an uninspired extra. As of 2007, StarCraft and Brood War have sold almost ten million copies combined.

After its release, StarCraft, along with its expansion Brood War, rapidly grew in popularity in South Korea, establishing a successful professional gaming scene. StarCraft games are broadcast over three television channels dedicated to the professional gaming scene, and pro-gamers in the country are media celebrities.

Top Players For StarCraft: Brood War

 IDNameTotal (Game)Total (Overall)% of Total
1.Korea, Republic of FlashLee, Young Ho$410,243.17|$494,640.5382.94%
2.Korea, Republic of JaedongLee, Jae Dong$375,712.95|$565,145.7266.48%
3.Korea, Republic of BisuKim, Taek Yong$275,116.05|$276,704.0699.43%
4.Korea, Republic of sAviOrMa, Jae Yoon$242,565.28|$242,565.28100.00%
5.Korea, Republic of StorkSong, Byung Goo$235,706.20|$244,498.5596.40%
6.Korea, Republic of NaDaLee, Yoon Yeol$213,776.42|$247,761.2986.28%
7.Korea, Republic of iloveoovChoi, Yun Sung$152,171.17|$153,131.1799.37%
8.Korea, Republic of JulyPark, Sung Joon$151,840.34|$201,893.6275.21%
9.Korea, Republic of JangBiHeo, Yeong Moo$138,732.26|$148,760.5193.26%
10.Korea, Republic of FantasyJung, Myung Hoon$123,442.86|$142,597.8186.57%
11.Korea, Republic of BoxeRLim, Yo Hwan$101,947.69|$122,503.6983.22%
12.Korea, Republic of CalmKim, Yoon Hwan$86,409.09|$86,409.09100.00%
13.Korea, Republic of YellOwHong, Jin-Ho$84,135.59|$84,135.59100.00%
14.Korea, Republic of Nal_rAKang, Min$79,031.59|$79,031.59100.00%
15.Korea, Republic of MindPark, Sung Gyoon$78,909.56|$82,671.9295.45%
16.Korea, Republic of GoRushPark, Tae Min$78,652.49|$78,652.49100.00%
17.Korea, Republic of EffOrtKim, Jung Woo$78,148.06|$97,169.0480.42%
18.Korea, Republic of ChoJJaJo, Yong Ho$75,270.88|$75,270.88100.00%
19.Korea, Republic of LuxuryPark, Chan Soo$71,072.32|$71,072.32100.00%
20.Korea, Republic of fOrGGPark, Ji Soo$70,086.85|$155,313.9845.13%
21.Korea, Republic of XellOsSeo, Ji Hoon$67,142.65|$67,142.65100.00%
22.Korea, Republic of HwasinJin, Yung Soo$64,576.30|$64,576.30100.00%
23.Korea, Republic of HydraShin, Dong Won$63,835.85|$81,989.2577.86%
24.Korea, Republic of ZerOKim, Myung Woon$63,638.56|$70,036.5190.86%
25.Korea, Republic of IrisByun, Hyung Tae$62,965.51|$62,965.51100.00%
26.Korea, Republic of GGPlayKim, Joon Yung$59,343.46|$59,343.46100.00%
27.Korea, Republic of ReachPark, Jung Suk$58,983.40|$58,983.40100.00%
28.Korea, Republic of KalKim, Ku Hyun$56,200.38|$56,200.38100.00%
29.Korea, Republic of CasyWook, Han Dong$51,581.68|$51,581.68100.00%
30.Korea, Republic of MovieJin, Young Hwa$49,376.79|$49,376.79100.00%
31.Canada Grrrr...Guillaume Patry$47,177.49|$47,177.49100.00%
32.Korea, Republic of MidasJun, Sang Wook$45,185.22|$45,185.22100.00%
33.Korea, Republic of FreemuraChoi Woo$45,000.00|$45,000.00100.00%
34.Korea, Republic of AnytimeJong, Oh Yeong$44,872.98|$44,872.98100.00%
35.Korea, Republic of SeaYum, Bo Sung$43,847.38|$44,761.6797.96%
36.Korea, Republic of YellOw[ArnC]Park, Myung Soo$38,405.64|$38,405.64100.00%
37.Korea, Republic of KwanroHan, Sang Bong$38,180.98|$38,180.98100.00%
38.Korea, Republic of BeStDoh, Jae Wook$37,639.31|$41,049.2391.69%
39.Korea, Republic of KingdomWook, Park Yong$35,436.90|$35,436.90100.00%
40.Korea, Republic of FreeYoon, Yong Tae$35,406.51|$40,879.0386.61%
41.Korea, Republic of LightLee, Jae Ho$32,295.85|$37,768.3785.51%
42.Korea, Republic of HiyAKu, Sung Hoon$28,477.00|$28,477.00100.00%
43.Korea, Republic of SyncByun, Gil Sup$27,751.72|$28,374.3097.81%
44.Korea, Republic of BackHoSon, Chan Woong$26,357.71|$26,357.71100.00%
45.Korea, Republic of ShuttleKim, Yoon Joong$25,208.90|$25,208.90100.00%
46.Korea, Republic of GARIMTOKim, Dong Soo$25,138.08|$25,138.08100.00%
47.Korea, Republic of GoodfriendMin, Lee Byung$23,511.30|$23,511.30100.00%
48.Korea, Republic of fOruLee, Jae Hoon$22,928.75|$22,928.75100.00%
49.Korea, Republic of ShineLee, Young Han$21,997.68|$35,254.1862.40%
50.Korea, Republic of heroJo, Il Jang$21,782.26|$22,144.1098.37%
51.Korea, Republic of GreatCha, Myung Hwan$21,626.00|$21,626.00100.00%
52.Korea, Republic of MuchPark, Yeong Min$20,942.95|$20,942.95100.00%
53.Korea, Republic of OgogoLee, Yong Bum$20,000.00|$20,000.00100.00%
54.Korea, Republic of UpMaGiCShin, Hee Seung$19,737.17|$19,737.17100.00%
55.Korea, Republic of beastYoo, Jin Woo$19,693.73|$19,693.73100.00%
56.Korea, Republic of CanataKo, In Kyu$19,122.17|$19,122.17100.00%
57.Korea, Republic of KillerPark, Joon Oh$18,537.44|$18,537.44100.00%
58.Germany MondragonChristoph Semke$18,362.54|$18,712.5498.13%
59.China LegendLuo, Xian$18,264.24|$18,264.24100.00%
60.China PJSha, Jun Chun$17,546.05|$17,546.05100.00%
61.Korea, Republic of FirebatHeroLee, Sung Eun$17,251.96|$17,251.96100.00%
62.China FengziZhang, Chun Lei$15,532.49|$15,532.49100.00%
63.Korea, Republic of MemoryJu, Hyun Jun$15,466.36|$15,466.36100.00%
64.Korea, Republic of JJuByun, Eun Jong$15,364.99|$15,364.99100.00%
65.Korea, Republic of I.Love_StarJang, Il Seok$15,000.00|$15,000.00100.00%
66.Russian Federation AndroideAndrey Kukhianidze$14,736.37|$14,736.37100.00%
67.Korea, Republic of OrionKwun, Soo Hyun$14,335.04|$14,335.04100.00%
68.Korea, Republic of RockAhn, Gi Hyo$14,305.34|$14,305.34100.00%
69.Korea, Republic of LetaShin, Sang Moon$13,589.82|$21,534.8463.11%
70.United States NonYTyler Wasieleski$13,500.00|$18,350.0073.57%
71.Korea, Republic of SilverShim, So Myung$13,337.94|$13,337.94100.00%
72.Korea, Republic of PurePark, Sae Jung$13,278.24|$13,278.24100.00%
73.France ElkYBertrand Gropellier$12,500.00|$12,500.00100.00%
74.Korea, Republic of HyukPark, Jae Hyuk$12,434.04|$12,434.04100.00%
75.China 334-, -$12,308.58|$12,308.58100.00%
76.Korea, Republic of ZeusGyu, Jun Tae$11,552.45|$11,552.45100.00%
77.Korea, Republic of TheMarineKim, Jeong Min$11,547.93|$11,547.93100.00%
78.Korea, Republic of watchCho, Jae Geol$11,446.38|$108,612.2710.54%
79.China SuperZhang, Ming Lu$11,169.93|$12,892.1686.64%
80.United States SoSoWayne Chiang$11,000.00|$11,000.00100.00%
81.Korea, Republic of sKyHighJo, Byung Se$10,845.33|$21,804.8749.74%
82.Korea, Republic of LomoSon, Ju Heung$10,537.07|$10,537.07100.00%
83.Korea, Republic of ModestyKim, Hyun Woo$10,452.86|$10,452.86100.00%
84.Ukraine White-RaAleksey Krupnyk$10,057.67|$58,335.7117.24%
85.Germany FiSheYeFredrik Keitel$10,000.00|$10,000.00100.00%
86.Korea, Republic of type-bMoon, Sung Jin$9,992.95|$9,992.95100.00%
87.United States IdrAGreg Fields$9,806.37|$71,612.8113.69%
88.Korea, Republic of ZergMaNPark, Sung Joon$9,541.46|$9,541.46100.00%
89.Korea, Republic of ClouDCha, Jae Wook$9,035.64|$9,035.64100.00%
90.Korea, Republic of soOEu, Yoon Su$8,942.50|$109,692.228.15%
91.Korea, Republic of FrOzenKim, Dong Kun$8,747.20|$11,339.0977.14%
92.United States GadiantonJason Severson$8,500.00|$8,500.00100.00%
93.Korea, Republic of go.goKim, Chang Hee$8,347.08|$8,347.08100.00%
94.Korea, Republic of H.O.T-ForeverGyung, Kang Doh$8,089.96|$8,089.96100.00%
95.Korea, Republic of TYJun, Tae Yang$8,074.67|$24,757.8132.61%
96.Korea, Republic of PusanPark, Ji Ho$7,445.49|$7,445.49100.00%
97.Poland DracoKrzysztof Nalepka$7,400.00|$7,400.00100.00%
98.Korea, Republic of ActionKim, Seong Dae$7,324.53|$19,494.4937.57%
99.Korea, Republic of JustinWon, Jong Seo$7,064.34|$7,064.34100.00%
100.Korea, Republic of hyvaaShin, Dae Kun$7,011.96|$21,472.0232.66%